SISU Mouthguard Review


An Introduction to SISU 

For those of us who are into contact sports, such as football, MMA, and boxing, the mouthguard has always been a staple when it comes to protecting our precious chicklets.  However, have you ever noticed that the mouthguard hasn’t changed much since you were a kid?  Well, the people at SISU did, and they’ve been working on improving on this piece of safety equipment for awhile now.

When you think of mouthguards, generally you think about boiling the mouthguard and then molding it to your teeth.  They are bulky and severely impact your ability to speak clearly, forcing you to take out the guard to communicate to teammates.  Also, drinking with your mouthguard is not something you would even consider with a traditional guard.

SISU mouthguards on the other hand were designed to allow you to take drinks and talk without having to take out the mouthguard.  SISU utilizes a technology that makes their mouthguards 50% thinner than traditional mouthguards.  When wearing the SISU guard you can certainly tell that it is significantly thinner than the old school mouthguards out there.  

Preparing the SISU mouthguard for fitting is also easier as well.  Instead of having to get the water to a boil, you only have to warm a bowl of water to 140 degrees in a microwave and then place the SISU guard in the bowl for 30-60 seconds.  

Diffusix Technology

Diffusix Techonolgy Distributes the Force of Impact

Diffusix Techonolgy Distributes the Force of Impact

Within the SISU mouthguard there are little holes throughout the guard.  This may seem a bit weird at first, and would seem to make the mouthguard weaker.  In reality these holes work to distribute the force of a blow so that your mouth is protected better than it would be with a traditional guard.  SISU calls this their Diffusix technology.  

Not only do the holes help with impacts, but they also make breathing easier as air can flow through the holes.  

Speaking and Drinking With the SISU

SISU Mouthguards Come in Many Colors

SISU Mouthguards Come in Many Colors

Based on our testing we did notice that talking with the SISU is easier than with other mouthguards.  However, the SISU did still impact our speech more than we would like.  Because of this we would still take out the SISU mouthguard during a game if we needed to communicate with others.  

Drinking on the other hand was fairly easy with the SISU, and if we didn’t have time to take out the mouthguard we would have no problem drinking from a water bottle or even from a glass with the SISU.  With traditional mouthguards drinking liquids, especially from a glass, is very difficult.  

Another feature of SISU mouthguard is that they come in many different colors.  This allows you to add a personal touch, or to have your mouthguard match your team colors.  


After trying the SISU mouthguard ourselves we can say with confidence that it is a significant step in the right direction in terms of mouthguard technology.  Breathing and drinking are much easier, while hopefully SISU will continue to improve on their design so that talking is made easier as well.  Without a doubt we are impressed with the SISU and do recommend it to those who are looking for a mouthguard to use in conjunction with participation in contact sports.  Spend a bit more money on your mouthguard in this case to get a big step up in performance.  

Lastly, special thanks to SISU for allowing us to try their product.


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