Pilates: Build Your Core And Gain Flexibility The Pilates Reformer has always been an apparatus that invoked curiosity. Created by its namesake John Pilates, it’s a piece of equipment designed to provide exercise resistance to enhance your flexibility and core strength. The contraption is basically a platform that moves back and […]

Four Best Home Pilates Reformers in 2020

The Changing Face of Running Socks For many years, whether you were a runner, hiker, walker or cyclist, you likely reached for cotton socks. Now, the socks of choice are synthetic, and for good reason. The blends of synthetic fabrics provide better moisture wicking, which means your feet will not […]

Seven Best Running Socks for 2020

Boxing: A Great Workout Active individuals are frequently looking for new ways to get fit, burn calories, and become stronger.  One sport that is often overlooked but can offer an amazing workout is boxing.  It also targets upper body muscles while most cardio exercises focus mostly on the lower body […]

5 Best Boxing Gloves to Punch With For 2020

A power rack (also known as a power cage) is essential for those looking to turn their everyday house into a viable home gym. They are designed for those who are most serious about lifting and strength training, combining size and functionality into a powerful build. Its popularity began in […]

The Five Best Power Racks for Your Home Gym

Kettlebells: The Cornerstone of Whole-Body Fitness Despite the fitness value in power towers, dumbbells, and spin bikes, kettlebells may be our favorite piece of equipment at ListofFit.  They are designed to facilitate exercises that build and strengthen your core through whole-body movements. Kettlebells have a unique history as well.  They were […]

Four Best Kettlebells for Functional Strength in 2020

 Yoga: Flexibility, Strength, and Peace Yoga originated in India and was introduced in the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s when Yoga masters traveled to the West. Since then it has become hugely popular, mainly because of its focus not only on the physical training but on […]

Five Best Yoga Mat Bags for 2020

  Inflatable Kayaks: “Blow Up” Your Kayaking Experience Kayaking has a long and rich history, which began with the Inuit tribes of Arctic North America building the and using the first kayaks.  The materials used to make these kayaks varied from light weight driftwood to whalebone frames that were covered […]

Five Best Inflatable Kayaks for 2020

Bring the Game of Basketball to Your Home With the Best Basketball Hoop To improve at any sport, it is critical that you have access to the materials needed to practice on a daily basis.  In fact, one of the key tenants to mastering a skill according to the book […]

ListofFit’s Five Best Basketball Hoops for 2020

Running Belts: Running in the Age of The Iphone Here’s the deal: Running is one of the best activities you can do for your body.  In fact, running only 5 to 10 minutes a day on average equates to lower risk of death and cardiovascular disease.  And beyond the physical benefits, […]

Five Best Running Belts to PR With for 2020

Cycle All Year Round With A Stationary Bike Stand There are few things in this world that provide a greater feeling of pure freedom than going for a ride on a bicycle.  It is wonderfully peaceful and a solid cardio workout all in one.  Furthermore, cycling is something that can […]

Five Best Stationary Bike Stands For Your Ride for 2020

Build the Ultimate Home Gym With Adjustable Dumbbells Dumbbells have been a staple of the gym since the beginning of lifting.  In fact, the history of the dumbbell can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece, which used a rock carved into a dumbbell like shape for lifting […]

Four Best Adjustable Dumbbells for 2020