About Us

p570972302-6 Thanks for visiting ListofFit.com!  My name is Nick Daniels and I run this site with my wife Jessica.  We love leading a healthy lifestyle and have a passion for looking for ways to optimize the human body’s performance.  As such we are often trying out and using fitness products that I think can help us reach this never ending goal.  Because we are often using these products, we have started ListofFit as a way to help people make better decisions when buying products related to sports and fitness. There are so many products to choose from these days and it can be hard to find quality reviews on these products, so we thought that we could help make this process better.  Our goal is to make the absolute most thorough sports and fitness related product review website out there.  The products that we review will feature videos, photos we take of each product, and detailed information about the quality of each product reviewed. Not only that, we plan to also integrate different news and popular topics related to the world of fitness.

We have three main goals at ListofFit:

  1. Provide thorough reviews of fitness and health related products that will help make buying decisions easier for consumers, leading to better results and higher satisfaction
  2. Help our community become healthier through health tips, exercise regimens, and videos that will help to get you moving
  3. Publish articles about popular stories in the world of fitness

Are you ready to get moving? If so, you can head over to our main page and find out about our newest articles and product reviews.


Nick and Jessica Daniels